What Kind of Indonesian Customs Data Does Ten data Provide?

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In today's market, the main china providers of Indonesian customs data are Ten data and Global Sources. Other smaller companies offering Indonesian customs data obtain it from unofficial channels, making their data inaccurate.What Kind of Indonesian Customs Data Does Ten data Provide?

Ten data's Customized Indonesian Database Overview

1. Data Type: Indonesian customs import and export manifests.

2. Language: English.

3. Update Frequency: Indonesian customs data for Q1 2024 has been fully updated.

4. Market Situation: Currently, there is no complete database of Indonesian customs data in the entire market. Ten data offers exclusive Indonesian customs data, sourced from official channels and validated and recognized by clients.

5. Comparison with Competitors: Currently, Global Sources is the only other provider in the market with an Indonesian customs database. Other competitors retrieve Indonesian trade data by HS code and put it online. However, these Indonesian customs data lack buyer and seller names and are not comprehensive. Nevertheless, they claim to have Indonesian customs data.

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Data Specifications:

· Data Type: Indonesian customs declaration database, not carrier bills of lading, covering all modes of transportation, not just maritime.

· Completeness: High completeness; search results for products are at least double or sometimes 5-10 times more than other sources.

· Date: Actual import and export dates of goods.

· Importers/Exporters: Company names as per the original customs declaration.

· Real Buyers/Sellers: Provides real buyers and sellers behind importers and exporters.

· Customs Codes: Unified 8-digit codes, the genuine codes declared to customs.

· Product Description: Full product names as per the customs declaration.

· Product Prices: Every transaction reflects the real transaction price, providing invoice prices and currencies.

· Terms of Trade: CIF, FOB, CFR, EXW, etc., are provided.

· Port of Loading: Provides the genuine port of shipment.

· Trading Countries: The countries of the companies actually signing contracts.

Ten data's Indonesian customs data stands out for its accuracy, completeness, and reliability, providing invaluable insights for businesses looking to navigate the Indonesian market effectively.

"Customs data contains vast information, and extracting relevant customer contact details can be time-consuming, often yielding results that fall short of expectations. Is it really the case? Or is it because customs data is being utilized incorrectly, resulting in wasted effort and time?

Developing customers using customs data involves precisely characterizing all buyers and their procurement systems in the target market. This allows for the quick identification of the most compatible customers, discerning their credit systems and procurement details. It aids in defining high-quality customers and profit margins, enhancing development efficiency, and improving overall effectiveness. When using customs data to develop new customers, consider the following three approaches. (>>>Click to Get Free Access to Customs Data for 90+ Countries)

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