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In 2022, Germany imported $1.572 trillion worth of products from the world, up 10.5 % from $1.423 billion in 2021.

For the 2022 exchange rate, Germany uses the euro, which has depreciated -12.1% against the dollar since 2018 and diluted -12.3% from 2021 to 2022.The weakening of the European Union's currency in 2022 makes Germany's imports in 2022, converted from the euro with a stronger dollar, somewhat more expensive than they would have been in 2021.

Germany's top 5 imports in 2022 are LPG, automobiles, crude oil, blood components including antisera, and auto parts or accessories.

Germany's best cooperative exporters

The latest country-specific data show that Germany's imports are mainly purchased from exporters in China (14%), the Netherlands (8.1%), the United States (6.6%), Poland (5.5%), Italy (5.2%), France (5.0%), Belgium (4.2%), the Czech Republic (4.2%), and the United States (6.6%). ), Czech Republic (4.1%), Switzerland (4.1%), Austria (3.7%).

Germany's top 10 imports

1. Fossil fuels including oil: $209 billion (13.3% of total imports)

2. Electrical machinery and equipment: $199.8 billion (12.7%)

3. Machinery including computers: $173.8 billion (11.1%)

4. Vehicles: $137 billion (8.7%)

5. Pharmaceuticals: $79.5 billion (5.1%)

6. Organic chemicals: $66.4 billion (4.2%)

7. Plastics, Plastic Products: $56.9 billion (3.6%)

8. Optical, technical, medical equipment: $47.1 billion (3%)

9. Steel: $39.6 billion (2.5%)

10. Gems, precious metals: $37.8 billion (2.4%)

Germany's top 10 imports account for 64.6% of its total product purchases from other countries.

The fastest growing categories from 2021 to 2022 are organic chemicals (up 64.3%), mineral fuels including oil (up 63.9%), and then imported metals steel (up 11.9%).

Germany's worst declines are in the Gemstones and Precious Metals product category, down -5.1% from 2021, led by Silver and Gold.


Germany exported $1.656 trillion worth of goods to the world in 2022. This is a 1.5% rise compared to the total value of goods exported by Germany in 2021, which was $1.631 trillion.

In 2022, Germany's largest exports were automobiles, mixed-dose drugs, automotive parts or accessories, blood components including antisera, and then processed petroleum.

Germany is the world's top exporter of automobiles, drugs and medicines, and automobile parts or accessories. This European country is one of the largest exporters of blood components (including antisera for therapeutic purposes) and aircraft and spacecraft (including aircraft parts) for international sales.

Germany's best international trading partner

The latest country-specific data show that German exports go mainly to importers in the following countries: the United States (9.9% of the German total), France (7.3%), the Netherlands (6.9%), mainland China (6.8%), Poland (5.7%), Italy (5.6%), Austria (5.2%), the United Kingdom (4.7%), Switzerland (4.5%), Belgium ( 3.9%), Czech Republic (3.3%) and Spain (3.1%).

Germany's Top 10 Exports

1. Automobiles: $257.5 billion (15.5% of total exports)

2. Machinery including computers: $253.3 billion (15.3%)

3. Electrical machinery and equipment: $176.6 billion (10.7%)

4. Pharmaceuticals: $124.2 billion (7.5%)

5. Optical, technical, medical equipment: $78.7 billion (4.8%)

6. Plastics, plastic products: $75.1 billion (4.5%)

7. Fossil fuels, including oil: $61.8 billion (3.7%)

8. Iron and steel: $37.4 billion (2.3%)

9. Other chemicals: $35.3 billion (2.1%)

10. Organic chemicals: $34.2 billion (2.1%)

Germany's top ten exports account for more than two-thirds (68.5%) of its total global exports.

Fossil fuels, including oil, are the fastest growing of the top ten export categories, increasing by 43.4% from 2021 to 2022. The second highest improvement in export sales was in iron and steel metals, which grew by 13.9%. German shipments of organic chemicals ranked third in terms of growth, up 11.6% year-on-year.

The largest decline in Germany's top 10 export categories was optical, technical and medical equipment, down -6.2%.

According to the more detailed four-digit HS codes, Germany's top ten exports were:

1. Automobiles (14.66%, $155.14 Billion)

2. Drug mixing doses (6.98%, $73.82 Billion)

3. Automotive parts/accessories (5.71%, $60.43 Billion)

4.Blood Components (4.19%, $44.31 Billion)

5. Processed Oil (2.36%, $24.97 Billion)

6.Aircraft, Spaceships (2.1%, $22.25 Billion)

7.Integrated circuits/micro assemblies (1.86%, $19.68 Billion)

8.Electricity (1.75%, $18.53 Billion)

9. Electronic Medical Devices (1.66%, $17.55 Billion)

10.Miscellaneous Machinery (1.58%, $16.74 Billion)

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