Tesla Sells 74,212 Units in China in June, Exports 19,468 Units from Shanghai Industry

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ten data blog12-07-2023

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Tesla's share of China's new-energy vehicle market was 11.16 percent in June, and its share of China's all-electric vehicle market was 16.53 percent.

Data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) showed that Tesla sold a total of 93,680 electric vehicles at Giga Shanghai in June.

Of these, 74,212 were delivered to the domestic market, down 4.78 percent year-on-year, but up 74.58 percent from 42,508 in May. In addition, 19,468 vehicles were exported.

The Shanghai Superfactory is Tesla's largest factory by far in terms of production and is the company's main vehicle export center.

CnEVPost reported Model 3 sales of 30,637 and Model Y sales of 63,043 in June, including exports. However, specific sales figures for models sold only in China have not yet been disclosed.

In June, China's new-energy vehicle sales amounted to 665,000 units, up 25.1 percent year-on-year and 14.66 percent year-on-year. Among them, sales of pure electric vehicles amounted to 449,000 units, up 6.1 percent year-on-year and 15.72 percent sequentially.

In June, Tesla's share of China's new energy vehicle market was 11.16%, up from 7.33% in May, but down from 14.65% a year earlier. In China's pure electric vehicle market, Tesla's share reached 16.53 percent in June, up from 10.96 percent in May, but down slightly from 18.38 percent a year earlier.

Tesla's production strategy is to focus on domestic deliveries in the second half of each quarter and export vehicles in the first half. As a result, Giga Shanghai's exports fell 44.67% from May to June. However, those export numbers are still significantly higher than the same period last year, when the factory recently resumed operations after a COVID-19-related shutdown.

In the first half of the year, Tesla sold a total of 476,539 Chinese-made vehicles, a whopping 61.67 percent increase from the previous year. Jiajia exported 182,434 vehicles during the same period, up 87.72% from the previous year. In addition, Tesla delivered 294,105 vehicles to Chinese customers in the first half of the year, a sharp increase of 48.86% year-on-year.

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