How Much Wheat Does the U.S. Import from Russia?

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ten data blog21-07-2023

The trade relationship between the United States and Russia has always been of great interest to economists and policymakers. One essential aspect of this relationship is the import of wheat from Russia to the U.S. In this article, Tendata will explore the trends and quantities of wheat imports from Russia to the United States over the past few quarters, providing insights into the dynamics of this vital agricultural trade.

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Overview of Wheat Imports from Russia to the U.S.:

Wheat is a crucial commodity in the global market, and Russia is one of the major wheat-producing countries. The United States, being a significant consumer of wheat, often sources wheat from various exporting nations, including Russia. Over the past few quarters, the U.S. has imported substantial quantities of wheat from Russia, playing a role in meeting its domestic wheat demand.

Wheat Imports in 2022-Q1:

In the first quarter of 2022, the U.S. imported approximately 193,605.13 kilograms of wheat from Russia. This substantial quantity indicates the importance of Russian wheat in catering to the U.S. market's wheat needs.

Wheat Imports in 2022-Q2:

The second quarter of 2022 saw a notable increase in wheat imports from Russia to the U.S., with the quantity reaching approximately 400,507.3 kilograms. This surge in imports reflects the growing demand for Russian wheat in the U.S., likely influenced by factors such as price competitiveness and supply availability.

Wheat Imports in 2022-Q3:

In the third quarter of 2022, the quantity of wheat imports from Russia to the U.S. decreased to around 157,525.06 kilograms. This decline could be attributed to seasonal fluctuations, market dynamics, or changes in demand patterns.

Wheat Imports in 2022-Q4:

The fourth quarter of 2022 witnessed a slight increase in wheat imports, with the quantity reaching around 184,421.69 kilograms. This indicates that despite fluctuations, Russian wheat remains a significant contributor to the U.S. wheat supply chain.

Wheat Imports in 2023-Q1 and 2023-Q2:

The first quarter of 2023 recorded an increase in wheat imports from Russia, with the quantity rising to approximately 248,474.77 kilograms. Moreover, in the second quarter of 2023, the U.S. imported around 425,609.85 kilograms of wheat from Russia. These figures show a continuing trend of substantial wheat imports from Russia to meet the U.S. market's demand.


The data highlights the importance of Russian wheat as a major contributor to the U.S. wheat supply. The U.S. relies on wheat imports from Russia to maintain a steady flow of wheat and meet the demands of its consumers and industries. The fluctuations in wheat imports over different quarters are normal in international trade and are influenced by factors such as seasonal variations, market conditions, and global supply and demand trends. The trade of wheat between the United States and Russia demonstrates the significance of international partnerships and the vital role of agricultural imports in ensuring food security and stability in both countries.

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