Croatia to Help Export Ukrainian Grain through Its Ports

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ten data blog01-08-2023

Ukraine and Croatia have agreed to use Croatian Danube and Adriatic ports to export Ukrainian grain, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on July 31st.

"We will now work on planning the most efficient routes to these ports and make full use of this opportunity. Every contribution to the opening of exports, every open door is a real and effective investment in world food security," Kuleba said after negotiations with the Croats.

Russia pulled out of the U.N.-brokered Black Sea grain deal this month, depriving global producer Ukraine of a key channel for safe agricultural exports during the war.

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After Russia unilaterally terminated the Black Sea Grain Initiative on July 17, Croatia offered its rail network and ports as an alternative export route for Ukrainian grain.

The initiative, brokered by Turkey and the United Nations in July 2022, enabled Ukraine to continue exporting agricultural products during Russia's all-out war and played a crucial role in stabilizing global food prices. Wheat prices rose sharply after Moscow pulled out of the deal.

Bulgaria also said its transportation infrastructure could be used for Ukrainian grain shipments, while the European Union pledged to continue to help Ukrainian exports through the "solidarity corridor" created in May 2022.

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During the July 31 talks, the Ukrainian and Croatian foreign ministers also discussed military assistance to Kiev and Zagreb for the implementation of the Ukrainian peace program.

"The Croatian side has confirmed its willingness to participate in the implementation of several points of the peace program: food security, energy security, restoration of respect for the United Nations Charter and the territorial integrity of Ukraine, justice for Russia's crimes, and prevention of ecocide. We are very grateful," Kuleba commented.

After meeting with Grlic Radman in Kiev, Kuleba said, "Now we will work to establish the most efficient routes to these ports and make the most of this opportunity."

He said, "Every contribution to smooth exports, every open door is a real and effective contribution to world food security."

Ukraine currently relies on an overland export route through the European Union, as well as an alternative route through the Danube. Russia attacked infrastructure along the latter route earlier this month.

Kuleba said the main topic of his talks with the Croatian foreign minister was weapons.

"I will only say that there are specific agreements that will be implemented soon," he said, without providing details.

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