Sri Lanka Lifts Import Ban on Trucks and Heavy Vehicles

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ten data blog16-08-2023

import ban on trucks,import ban on heavy vehicles,sri lanka import

Sri Lanka on Tuesday lifted an import ban on trucks and other heavy vehicles that had been in place since March 2020, according to a gazette notification.

Sri Lanka has been gradually easing import restrictions which were imposed as a result of the financial crisis the country's economy was in due to a severe shortage of US dollars.

However, this is the first time that some of the restrictions imposed on vehicles in March 2020 have been lifted.

According to a government notification issued by President and Finance Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, heavy vehicles including buses, trucks and tankers can now be imported.

However, the ban on import of passenger vehicles, including cars, will remain in place.

Sri Lanka's economy has stabilized over the past nine months after receiving a $2.9 billion bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), controlling inflation levels and beginning to rebuild foreign exchange reserves.

Sri Lanka's foreign exchange reserves rose 26 percent to $3.8 billion in July, the highest level in 19 months, thanks to an increase in remittances and tourism receipts. The currency has risen about 13.5 percent this year, central bank data show.

Despite the easing of the crisis, the country still needs to finalize debt negotiations with creditors by September in time to undergo its first IMF program review and implement key economic reforms to put its recovery on a sustainable path.

Sri Lanka's economy is expected to contract by about 2 percent this year, following a 7.8 percent contraction last year, according to central bank estimates.

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import ban on trucks,import ban on heavy vehicles,sri lanka import

import ban on trucks,import ban on heavy vehicles,sri lanka import

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import ban on trucks,import ban on heavy vehicles,sri lanka import

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