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ten data blog09-01-2024

- Covid-19 In recent years, interest in boutique coffee and coffee making has grown, fueling the growth of independent coffee shops and large coffee companies.

- Covid-19 Post-pandemic lockdowns and social media are two reasons why coffee's popularity has risen.

- Coffee continues to evolve, with new trends such as vitamin-enriched coffee emerging.

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You may have seen another influential coffee brand launch on social media, noticed your coworkers making their own drip coffee in the office kitchen instead of using a machine, or even seen long lines at your local independent coffee shop.

Either way, it's clear that drinking coffee has become a trend that goes beyond simply ingesting caffeine.

Claire Lancaster, Head of Food and Drink Forecasting at consumer and product forecasting company WGSN, says: "As drinks and snacks become a must-have, coffee has become a steady go-to, an affordable luxury and a vehicle for lifestyle expression. " Tells CNBC.

She explained, "Over time, we've seen a trend toward premiumization." She added that this is reflected in a growing preference for higher-quality coffee, whether it's the way it's brewed, the origin, or the different types and flavors.

The Bean Shop, an artisanal coffee roaster in Scotland that offers online ordering, has noticed a surge in customer numbers.

"There's been a huge increase in people making boutique coffee at home," one of the owners, Lorna Bruce, told CNBC. "People like to try new things."

Elsewhere, AeroPress, which makes popular coffee makers, told CNBC that the company has seen an increase in sales and a "dramatic" rise in interest from second-party retailers. In the past year, the company has gained two major retail partners, including Walmart.

In the past year, the company has gained two major retail partners, including Walmart," chief marketing officer David Cole told CNBC.

Cole added that as consumers adopt new brewing methods, they will continue to buy necessary accessories such as filters.

In the U.K., AeroPress sales grew 40 percent between December 2022 and December 2023, and the company now distributes its products to more than 400 retailers, such as roasteries and small coffee shops, company representatives said.

In addition to the AeroPress, other popular coffee-making methods include hand-brewed or drip coffee makers, such as the V60 or Chemex coffee makers, as well as coffee pots and moka kettles that make coffee on the stovetop.

Many of these methods were historically popular in certain regions, such as the French cafetiere and the Italian moka pot, but have recently gone global.

How Coffee Became Cool

But how did coffee go from a standard, easily accessible caffeinated beverage to a major trend? Well, the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting embargo seems to be one of the reasons.

"The embargo means that people are taking the time to make a drink they would normally buy on the go," says Bean Shop's Bruce.

"Customers are telling us that they 'can't drink supermarket coffee right now' and that they've become accustomed to the fresh-roasted flavors and aromas they get when they brew their coffee within a few weeks of roasting," she added.

Nespresso chief brand officer Melanie Birnbaum told CNBC that consumers also seem to be placing more value on the little things, such as drinking more coffee now.

She said, "In recent years, people have reaffirmed the value of simple pleasures and small luxuries like a cup of coffee." This has prompted consumers to seek out higher-quality products, she added.

"At the same time, social media has driven some creativity and a sense of exploration, with new and creative recipes being shared on TikTok," she added.

WGSN's Lancaster agrees that social media is a key driver of cool coffee.

"Generation Z and TikTok are shaping coffee culture," she said, noting that certain hashtags such as #CoffeeTok have grown significantly in the past year.

There's also some overlap with the pandemic. For example, trendy coffee beverages like Dalgona coffee (ground coffee, water and sugar whipped into a creamy substance before milk is added) are going viral on social media in 2020.

Coffee Trends of the Future

Social media is also a driving force behind some of the upcoming trends in coffee, Lancaster noted, as brands will gain traction on social media if they have an element of "cool," and new coffee-making methods will be shared frequently.

Lancaster points out that another key trend for the future is coffee with additional ingredients designed to promote well-being and health, with major companies such as Nespresso even introducing blends enriched with ginseng or vitamin B12, which Birnbaum calls "functional coffee".

"Some people are looking for something extra," she says. "These blends add health benefits such as vitamins or extra caffeine."

Other growing trends include specific coffee styles exported from traditional markets, such as Vietnamese coffee made with condensed milk and Indonesian coffee based on partially digested coffee berries, Lancaster explained.

Of course, innovations in home brewing equipment and technology are not making any headway, Lancaster added.

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