China Urges EU to Ease High-Tech Export Controls

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ten data blog18-01-2024

- Premier Li Qiang told the European Commission president that China is ready to buy more products from the EU.

- Li Keqiang says Beijing wants the EU to "take trade remedial measures" in the face of ongoing disputes with Europe.

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China wants to import more products from the European Union that meet market demand, the Chinese premier told the president of the European Commission, while urging the EU to ease restrictions on high-tech exports to China.

Li Qiang made the remarks during a meeting with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in Davos on Tuesday, as Beijing grapples with a growing trade dispute with Brussels.

It was the second exchange in a little over a month after the EU leader traveled to Beijing for a China-EU summit last December, where both sides agreed to work towards a more stable and constructive relationship.

"China is willing to import more products from the EU that meet market demand, and hopes the EU will ease restrictions on the export of high-tech products to China," Li was quoted as saying in a briefing by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Li said he hoped the two sides would work together to promote a more balanced development of bilateral trade. China-EU relations have generally remained stable despite the international storm clouds.

Deepening ties with the EU remains a priority for China's diplomacy, Li said, adding that Beijing is willing to work with the EU to implement the agreements reached at the December summit.

Trade relations between Beijing and Brussels have been strained over the past year, with both sides accusing each other of protectionism and unfair competition. The EU has also sought to rebalance the deal as its trade deficit with China approaches 400 billion euros ($434.2 billion).

Last year, the EU opened countervailing investigations into Chinese electric cars and steel imports from China, which could lead to punitive tariffs.

Beijing recently launched an anti-dumping investigation into imports of brandy containers of up to 200 liters (352 pints) from the EU.

Without mentioning trade friction, Li said Beijing would work with the EU to abide by the norms of free trade, fair competition and open cooperation in a market economy, but warned the EU to be careful about its trade behavior with China.

"(China hopes that) the EU will uphold fairness, compliance and transparency in economic and trade affairs, treat Chinese companies fairly, and be prudent in introducing restrictive economic and trade policies and taking trade remedy measures," Li said.

In June, Brussels reaffirmed its comprehensive approach to China, reducing its economic dependence by lowering risks in key areas while leaving the door open for cooperation with Beijing in areas of common interest such as climate change and global public health.

According to the Chinese briefing, von der Leyen said the EU is willing to deepen cooperation on climate change with China and promote humanistic exchanges.

The European Commission president said on her X account that her meeting with Li was "good and frank", adding that China and the EU need to take action to rebalance trade and avoid distortionary policies.

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