Most Popular Cars in Germany in 2023

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Which models were the most popular among Germans last year? Which brands are in the lead? And: will electric cars make the top 10?

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1. Volkswagen Golf

Every day, more than 200 Volkswagen Golfs hit German roads for the first time: with 81,117 new registrations, the classic from Wolfsburg is the most popular car in 2023. Figures from the Federal Motor Transport Authority show this.

2. VW T-Roc

This VW SUV is one that former CEO Herbert Diess once hoped would appeal to a younger audience

The SUV is priced from €27,085. It impressed German car buyers last year, coming in second place with 68,678 new registrations.

3. Volkswagen Tiguan

This compact SUV has been produced by Volkswagen since 2007, with the third generation making its debut in September 2023. It is known for its 63,958 new registrations.The name Tiguan, which consists of a tiger and an iguana, is the result of a survey conducted by Auto Bild magazine, whose readers were able to vote for the name of the car.

4. Opel Corsa

The first Opel Corsa rolled off the assembly line in the fall of 1982, and it remains one of Germany's most popular cars - both gasoline and electric. in 2023, it ranked fourth with 53,669 new registrations.

The Volkswagen Passat is one of the world's most successful mid-range models - more than 30 million have been produced since 1973. This spacious car is still very popular in Germany - with 47,494 new registrations, it is even among the top 5 most popular cars of 2023.

6. Fiat 500

This popular car from Italy is the perfect city car: compact, maneuverable, and practical. 2023 saw 47,166 new registrations in Germany. In 2023, 47,166 Fiat 500s were registered in Germany. but electric cars are particularly expensive. For this reason, Fiat is offering an environmental incentive for the 500Electric, valid until March 31, 2024, with immediate effect.

7. Mini

The history of the Mini - brand and model name in one - began in 1959. The small car rolled off the production line in Birmingham, England, as the "Austin Seven." The Mini is now owned by BMW, which registered 45,938 new Minis last year.

8. Tesla Model Y

Tesla is in the top ten of the most popular cars with the Model Y: 45,818 new Model Ys were registered last year. nevertheless, Tesla's car sales in Germany are down by 9% in 2023, resulting in a drop in market share from 2.6% to 2.2%.

9. Mercedes C-Class

The current version of the C-Class goes on sale in the summer of 2021, and the T model is particularly popular in Germany: according to ADAC, two-thirds of the German customers in the model range bought the C-equivalent station wagon. in 2023, the C-Class debuts in the top ten of the most popular cars with 44,257 new registrations.

10. Skoda Minerva

The Minivan is Skoda's best-selling model a it generates nearly half of the Czech automaker's profits. With 41,819 new registrations, Skoda is among the top ten most popular cars in Germany in 2023, according to the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

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