Tendata's Review: Achieving 3 Million USD in Sales

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export import business,import business,tendata news,ten data,tengdao,tendta,Itrader,itrader login,shanghai ten,t-radar18-10-2023

tendata review,tendata's review,achieve tendata review

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When it comes to customer development, many of my friends are quite impressed with my methods. They wonder how I can efficiently develop so many precisely matched customers and VIP clients in such a short time, especially when I started with no platform or resources. My main secret? Tendata Data and LinkedIn.

I used Facebook previously, but the efficiency of customer development was quite slow. Facebook's resources are too scattered, unorganized, and the customer base is relatively small. I also tried Alibaba, but that meant waiting passively for customers to come to me, leading to small orders and low efficiency.

It wasn't until a friend recommended Tendata to me that I found a game-changer. I initially researched Tendata's reviews online and found mixed opinions. Could I trust this company with an 18-year history? Out of trust in my friend, I contacted them.

Before this, I had only a vague idea of customs data and no concrete understanding. With the help of their customer support, I realized that customs data opens up an entirely new realm. It allows me to understand my market situation from multiple angles, including market, buyers, and competitors, increasing the efficiency of my customer acquisition. Companies that can harness customs data effectively are more likely to stand out in a competitive environment!

During the free demo with Tendata's customer support, I decided to test the data by using a supplier I've had a long-term partnership with. The result was astonishing: the data provided by Tendata is very accurate. While I had some initial doubts before making a purchase, I thought customs data might be the breakthrough in customer development I was looking for.

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1. Finding the Right Buyers

Using LinkedIn, I could find about 10 potential clients a month from groups and recommended connections. Initially, my expectations for Tendata were modest - if it could match LinkedIn, that would be great. But I was in for a pleasant surprise. By simply inputting my product's name into the Tendata system, I could instantly access over 100 potential customers!

The first step in international trade is understanding the trade information of both parties. Tendata offers customs data from over 80 countries, covering most of the world. I can find new customers from all over the globe and use Tendata's 180 million global enterprise data to learn about global market trade trends and distribution. The straightforward visual representation eases the burden of using the Tendata system, and I'm having a fantastic experience.

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2. Directly Contacting Purchasers

Tendata Data offers various detailed search criteria for every cross-border transaction, including the exporter, importer, product category, transaction quantity, transaction amount, country of origin, carrier, port of loading, and port of arrival. After comprehensive analysis of purchase volumes, prices, and preferences, I can select more confident customers from businesses that may have a demand for my products. With Tendata providing business websites, contact numbers, emails, SNS, etc., I'm making a proactive approach.

After continuous efforts, I successfully sent out the first sample in just two weeks. Six months later, I gained a few long-term, stable clients. Compared to blindly advertising on Facebook, I now have a more precise goal in mind. Using customs data for proactive customer development has been highly beneficial for me.

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