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export import business,import business,tendata news,ten data,tengdao,tendta,Itrader,itrader login,shanghai ten,t-radar31-10-2023

Tendata offers a wide range of data services tailored to the needs of import/export companies. When it comes to Tendata's pricing, it's important to understand that its cost structure may vary depending on the specific services and data solutions you need. Here are some key points to consider when pricing Tendata:

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1. Free DEMO: 

Tendata may provide a free DEMO for some of its services so that you can explore these offerings before choosing a paid plan. This is an excellent way to evaluate the value and applicability of their solutions.

2. Cheapest: Tendata's Report

If you are looking for one-time data, or if you simply want to see import or export data for a single company/country/product, you can purchase Tendata's Report. Tendata's Report ranges in price from $300-$500, and allows you to validate, once and for all, that import/export data is valid for your new customer acquisitions.

3. General Package: Tendata iTrader

Tendata provides a master account and two sub-accounts for each package, and all three accounts can be logged in at the same time. At the same time, the master account can manage the rights of the sub-accounts, so that they can see more or less import and export data content.

Tendata provides 24w download credits (per year) for each package, so you can download as much data as you need from the database as often as you like. The unlimited number of times you can view the data allows you to make every decision with data to back it up.

Depending on the number of accounts: If you need to add more sub-accounts, or add a master account, the Tendata Price you need may be different from the base package.

· Depending on the number of downloads: Although Tendata already has more data views and downloads than other databases that are limited to a few thousand, if you want more downloads, you can also get them by purchasing a higher tier package.

· Varying pricing by country: When you want to view import data for a single country, import/export data for a single country, import data for several countries, import/export data for several countries, or import/export data for the whole world, you need to call different amounts of data from the Tendata system. Naturally, their Tendata Price is also different.

· Depending on the functionality of the product: When you only need the functionality of Tendata iTrader, the Tendata Price may be lower. When you need to continuously track old customers and competitors, you may need Tendata T-Rader; when you need to know the customs data that is not free to everyone (for example, China's customs data), you may need T-Discovery in order to know the data of these countries. Depending on the product features you choose, there may be some increase or decrease in Tendata Price.

4. Customized Packages:

Tendata understands that every import/export business has unique needs. You can offer customized solutions and can discuss pricing for these customized services directly with your sales or customer support team. Customization allows you to pay as needed.

5. Additional Services:

Tendata offers additional services or features such as data analysis, consulting. Tendata also provides comprehensive training on how to use this data. Complete customer support helps you to solve any problems. So that you can use Tendata's services with peace of mind.

To get accurate pricing information from Tendata, we recommend visiting their official website or contacting their sales or customer support team directly. They can provide detailed pricing options, clarify any questions you may have, and guide you to the right plan for your specific import and export data needs. Remember, investing in the right data solution can significantly impact the efficiency and success of your import and export business.

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