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export import business,import business,tendata news,ten data,tengdao,tendta,Itrader,itrader login,shanghai ten,t-radar29-04-2024

Tendata T-Insight introduces groundbreaking features and functionalities, revolutionizing the industry with three major innovations aimed at accelerating the development of high-value clients.

Highlight One: Transitioning from Public Domain Data to "Private Domain Data", Tailored for Business Development

T-Insight allows seamless importation of public and proprietary data, creating proprietary data assets for enterprises. It features core functions such as multidimensional filtering, customer segmentation, audience analysis, and customer background checks, meeting the practical needs of business development.

Highlight Two: Shifting from Traditional Data Retrieval to Building "Business Scenarios", Equivalent to Having Multiple Analysts Working for You

Leveraging the Tendata SaaS platform, T-Insight offers comprehensive analysis and monitoring functions required for developing high-value clients, including market analysis, product analysis, competitor analysis, and customer analysis, thereby enhancing data analysis efficiency.

Highlight Three: Progressing from Active Searching to "Intelligent Monitoring", Discovering Opportunities Amidst Dynamic Changes

T-Insight eliminates the need for frequent manual queries, statistics, and analysis. With a single configuration, it provides real-time updates on dynamic data such as trade, customers, competitors, and products, enabling perpetual intelligent monitoring to identify business opportunities amidst changes.

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Tendata T-Insight features four major analytical modules, establishing a systematic and precise analytical framework: Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Customer Analysis, and Product Analysis.

T-Insight,Tendata T-Insight

1. Smart Market Analysis, Saving Your Investment in Analysts (>>>Learn More About Market Analysis<<<)

With T-Insight, there's no need for manual and frequent searching and analysis. With just one click, you can understand product trade trends, trade flows, and the top 10 importing and exporting countries, enabling you to grasp market trends and identify high-value areas.

T-Insight,Tendata T-Insight

2. Intelligent Monitoring in Competitor Analysis, Transforming Core Competitors into "Your Customers">>>How to Get More Customers?<<<

T-Insight helps match global exporters, supporting quick screening based on various combinations such as competitive products, countries, buyers, supply frequency, price range, and weight range. It provides clear insights into competitor supply chain tracking, volume and price trends, and procurement behavior, facilitating accurate identification of competitor clients.

T-Insight,Tendata T-Insight

3. Fine-grained Private Domain Customer Analysis, Tailored for Business Development>>>Consult Tendata Now<<<)

With T-Insight, public and proprietary data can be easily imported to create proprietary data assets. It offers over 100 filtering criteria, customer value segmentation, audience analysis, and analysis of new and lost customers, enabling precise customer analysis to meet the practical needs of business development.

T-Insight,Tendata T-Insight

4. 360° Product Intelligence Analysis, Providing Insights into Performance Growth Points>>>Get A Free Demo<<<

T-Insight provides a data dashboard based on factors such as country of origin, destination country, number of customers, and number of suppliers, allowing enterprises to understand global trade trends for their products. Through multidimensional intelligent analysis including product lifecycle, average product price analysis, and product supply timing, it helps predict future performance growth points for enterprises.

T-Insight,Tendata T-Insight

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