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export import business,import business,tendata news,ten data,tengdao,tendta,Itrader,itrader login,shanghai ten,t-radar06-06-2023

Our company (Shanghai Yicheng Packaging Products Co., Ltd.) mainly produces high-end gift boxes for the global market! Due to the epidemic, in 2020 our foreign trade team faced the problem of increasing customer acquisition cost and decreasing customer acquisition efficiency of Alibaba and other traditional customer acquisition channels, which made us consider new channels for customer expansion.

Fortunately, in the middle of 2020, we met Tendata, and through a comprehensive comparison of advantages and disadvantages for several months, we finally chose Shanghai Tendata among many data platforms, and signed a contract with Tendata in June 2020, and completed international customer acquisition in a more efficient way by using Tendata Foreign Trade Pass, and took a number of inquiries in just three months, of which one was already At the same time, Tendata customer service staff recently came to the door to communicate the follow-up development methods, looking forward to better results!

01. How about the quality of the inquiry customer? First, we use trade data to do background investigation

We started to use the Tendata data platform mainly to view the customer's procurement volume, and to understand the details of these customers' suppliers, to see which suppliers they have worked with in the past, and what advantages they have over these suppliers. In this way, when foreign trade salesmen contact customers, they can target to introduce to them and do some objective comparison analysis with some of their existing suppliers, so that customers can quickly understand our products and strength. At the same time, also let the customer feel their sincerity.

Before developing a new customer, we should analyze the data of the customer, which is a must for foreign trade, and we can often get twice the result with half the effort and increase our conversion rate.

We just started to deal through the Tendata data platform, how many customers and how much money did not have specific statistics, such as some of the inquiries received in Ali, but we will go through the Tendata data platform to view the inquiry buyer's historical purchase records, which helps us to grasp the key customers to promote the transaction. Using data combined with B2B platform inquiries, we have also closed a lot of customers.

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02. Overseas epidemic outbreak suddenly reduce costs to focus on a platform

However, it was not easy for the domestic epidemic to improve when the overseas epidemic suddenly broke out. Our foreign trade team faced the problem of increasing customer acquisition costs and decreasing customer acquisition efficiency of Alibaba and other traditional customer acquisition channels, which forced us to consider cutting costs, reducing the investment in other platforms and focusing on the Tendata data platform to expand customers.

In response to the problems we encountered, Tendata consultants assisted our developers to find target customers through Tendata's foreign trade communication database of 130 million global buyers, and through in-depth analysis, filtered out potential customers that matched ours, providing accurate contact emails and social information so that our business staff could freely access this information to contact customers.

Tendata also continuously recommends the same type of clients based on our existing client types and collects and organizes the corporate dynamics of our existing clients during the service process, helping us to maintain a deep understanding of our clients for new business opportunities.

We have developed customers in several countries through Tendata, and have taken a number of inquiries in just three months, of which we have already closed one single, while Tendata customer service personnel have recently visited our home to communicate the way of follow-up development, looking forward to better results!

After cooperating with Tendata for nearly 4 months, we were impressed by Tendata's professional service and innovative ideas, like their business manager Zhang and other salesmen would visit us regularly to analyze the problems our company was facing, and then help us use the Tendata platform to analyze our customers and continuously expand our customers to get a deal!

To be fair, Tendata is a company with a conscience, not only the product is good and helped us to develop many high quality customers, but all the training is also done from the customer's point of view, which is very helpful to us! We were able to achieve good order business in just a few months, which is inseparable from Tendata's service!

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Tendata Review:

We don't deny the role of any platform here, but as an SME, this must not be the time to try multiple channels together. Ever asked yourself: today about marketing, if all your money, resources, manpower, within a reasonable margin of safety allows you to do only one thing of the highest priority in order to get rid of the greatest pain to solve what core problem, what is it? So the channel you choose should be the one that solves your core problem the most!

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