Wuxi Heng Ying cooperated with Tendata for four months and closed 3 million

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export import business,import business,tendata news,ten data,tengdao,tendta,Itrader,itrader login,shanghai ten,t-radar06-06-2023


Client Background

This is a trading company with a wide range of sales categories such as textiles, clothing and housewares, rubber and plastic products, general machinery and accessories, hardware and electrical appliances, electronic products and communication equipment.

Why did you choose Tendata?

Although this company has long realized the importance of digital transformation and started to enter the cross-border e-commerce platform Alibaba, most of the customers from Ali are C-tier customers, and their products are not priced high, the platform is competitive with low prices, and the depth of customer background research is not deep enough, which makes it difficult to close deals and the confidence of business staff is low, which brings staff management risks and business difficulties.

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Tendata Solution

Tendata Business Data + Trade Data Facilitates Screening and Development of Precise Customers

In May 2019, this company started to use Tendata data platform with an experimental mindset, just to do customer background research and do customer classification. tendata data provided them with in-depth business background research, and did online data analysis on customer size, transaction, finance, etc., which enabled them to quickly screen out large customers, while a large amount of trade data to extract accurate Wuxi Heng Ying Group has opened Tendata service for 4 months, only by 8 people's foreign trade team to deal with 21 single, and then talk to 62 customers. The total amount of successive orders reached more than 3 million!

Final Summary

Tendata platform, different from the traditional B2B platform of passively waiting for customers. Tendata based on big data, can take the initiative to deeply analyze the background of customers, accurately locate buyers with transaction records, can greatly screen and locate large customers, promote the visualization and digitization of the enterprise's customer database, improve the efficiency and risk of transactions, assist this enterprise to improve the confidence of employees, for foreign trade enterprises s digital transformation provides more data-driven and efficient options.  

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