What Are the Secrets Behind This Company's Journey from Inception to Listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange?

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export import business,import business,tendata news,ten data,tengdao,tendta,Itrader,itrader login,shanghai ten,t-radar15-05-2024

Growth – the eternal mission in the business world.

Whether you are a CEO, a middle manager, or a frontline business manager, "growth" remains the core issue.

How can you achieve "explosive growth" in your business? The female CEO of this listed company reveals an exclusive methodology!

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1. Why Should Consumers Buy Your Product?

You might have experienced this dilemma: your company has been operating for several years, even a decade or two, and you believe your products are excellent and well-made, but your sales still fall short of your competitors.

According to Hui Liu, if this is your situation, you are at best a supplier, not a brand. Any brand product, whether it's been around for 10 years or just one or two years without growth, has issues.

Selling shampoo, tofu, goji berries, rice cookers, or refrigerators – why should customers choose you? The most important thing is to give consumers a reason to choose your product.

Jiachen Flooring Changzhou Co., Ltd., as one of the leading manufacturers of all-steel raised floors in China, has become an industry benchmark with nearly 40 years of industry experience and expertise. In 2020, the company successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. While adhering to product quality and innovative concepts, the company has maintained continuous growth.

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2. The Customer Perspective is Key to Unlocking Business

"In my opinion, the customer perspective is key to unlocking business. If our products cannot meet customer needs or solve their problems from their perspective, then our products lack competitiveness. Such products will undoubtedly affect the overall development of the company. Therefore, we need to continuously update and iterate our products to address customer pain points," said Hui Liu, General Manager of Jiachen Flooring, when discussing the core competitive factors of the company.

To grasp market trends, Jiachen Flooring regularly conducts in-depth market research to capture new business opportunities.

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"For example, during the development of computer desks, we keenly noticed the demand for matching flooring from users. This inspired our innovation. Next, we quickly conducted preliminary market research to ensure the product development direction met market needs. After development, we would initially launch a small batch to test the market, using customer feedback to gauge market acceptance. If the product is well-received, we view it as a valuable opportunity and timely increase development efforts to meet the growing demand," said Hui Liu.

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3. The Structure of Problem-Solving Determines the Approach to Solutions

(1) The Times Are Changing, and Those Who Do Not Learn Will Be Left Behind

Market leaders often do not stick to their positions but are willing to embrace new business environment challenges.

Jiachen Flooring has developed for nearly 40 years. If the thinking still stayed in the 1980s, it would be difficult to adapt to the current environment.

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"I believe the whole team needs to maintain a spirit and ability to learn and stay up-to-date. Only by changing our cognition and improving our learning ability can our behavior improve, leading to positive results. We must keep curiosity and a learning spirit, not only individually but also as a team. Whether in technical or sales positions, we need to constantly think about how to expand the market and whether strategies and methods need to be adjusted. Society changes rapidly, with new tools like AI and big data emerging constantly. We must understand and utilize these tools and not work behind closed doors," said Hui Liu.

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(2) Building a "5x" Growth Team

After having good products, the next challenge in business operations is to ensure these products reach customers successfully and create a positive brand impression, encouraging repeat customers. This process is crucial for the company's sustainable development.

The sales team plays an indispensable role in this key process, serving as the direct communication channel between the company and customers and playing a vital role in interactions with international customers. Hui Liu elaborated: "The sales team is the bridge to the company's success, especially in the global market competition. Their performance directly affects the company's image and performance."

For any enterprise, investing in cultivating an efficient, professional, and market-sensitive sales team is key to achieving long-term competitive advantage. Sales elites who deeply understand customer needs and can provide flexible, customized services based on different market environments are the core of the company's competitiveness.

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(3) Learning to Use Platforms as Growth Accelerators

Regarding platform usage, we interviewed Jiachen Flooring's foreign trade manager, Nancy, to understand how their company optimizes business processes using different platforms.

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"Currently, our company mainly uses three platforms: Alibaba, Made-in-China, and the Tendata iTrader SaaS platform. Each platform has its unique functions and advantages, so choosing the most suitable platform based on our business needs and actual experience is crucial. We have been using the Tendata iTrader SaaS platform for over 10 years.

For example, with the Tendata iTrader SaaS platform's import and export data, we can conveniently query exporters and export destination countries, comprehensively understanding the geographical distribution of product sales. Additionally, this platform provides services for querying customer company qualifications and background, supporting us in analyzing the matching of high-precision product demand with potential customers.

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tendata,tendata itrader saas platform,tendata itrader

tendata,tendata itrader saas platform,tendata itrader

tendata,tendata itrader saas platform,tendata itrader

Our team frequently uses the monitoring function of the Tendata iTrader SaaS platform. This function is very helpful for tracking customer trade dynamics. For example, some customers, although previously mainly engaged in other building materials product transactions, might add new product lines over time. In such cases, with the platform's monitoring function, we can promptly understand and grasp these changes, then contact these customers at the right time to provide the services or products they need.

tendata,tendata itrader saas platform,tendata itrader

Based on the information queried, we can categorize customers into A, B, and C levels and formulate subsequent communication strategies accordingly. This categorization method helps us interact with customers more accurately, improving business efficiency and conversion rates."

Through such refined customer analysis and management, Jiachen Flooring ensures the efficient operation of its foreign trade business and continuously improves business results.

(4) Adhering to Long-termism and Growing Together with Customers

Talking about the future, Hui Liu said: "Adhering to long-termism means not seeking fast progress but striving for steady growth and being able to grow together with customers. The foundation for growing with customers is using digital tools like the Tendata iTrader SaaS platform, which not only connects all aspects of marketing but also uses data to analyze and manage customers, helping the company maintain growth in fierce market competition."

The confidence in digitalization comes from: on the one hand, Jiachen Flooring's overseas team skillfully combines B2B platforms like Alibaba and Made-in-China with the Tendata iTrader SaaS platform. This innovative marketing strategy has successfully converted into tangible orders, injecting strong momentum into the company's internationalization path. On the other hand, managers like Hui Liu, through data analysis and intelligent decision-making systems, can more accurately grasp market trends and formulate strategic decisions in line with the company's development.

This data-driven management approach undoubtedly enhances the company's competitiveness and reflects the maturity and wisdom of Chinese enterprises in digital transformation.

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