Germany's Top 10 Export Products in 2023

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ten data blog04-03-2024

Germany's export data reveals that the total value of exported goods in 2023 amounted to $16.8 trillion USD. Compared to the previous year, where exports totaled $16.5 trillion USD in 2022, there was a 3% growth in export volume.

According to the latest German export data, vehicles and machinery continue to dominate Germany's major export goods, with consistent growth in the exports of chemicals, electronics, and medical-related industries. In 2023, Germany's primary export products include vehicles and their parts, accounting for 17.2% of total exports. Among the top exports, nuclear machinery (14.3%) and electric machinery (9%) rank second and third, respectively.

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What are Germany's Top Export Products in 2023?

1. Vehicles: $293.55 billion USD

Germany is renowned for its exceptional automobiles, making vehicles and automotive parts one of its most crucial export products. The automotive and vehicle industry in Germany contributes to 17.2% of popular export products. The HS code for vehicles is 8703. According to Germany's export data, the overall export cost of complete vehicles and automotive parts in 2023 amounted to $293.55 billion USD. German automakers, including Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, are international leaders, producing cars that are highly popular globally. The country's automotive industry also boasts a robust network of automotive parts suppliers and manufacturers, making a significant contribution to Germany's export economy.

2. Nuclear Reactors and Machinery: $272.72 billion USD

Germany's engineering technology is globally acclaimed, and machinery is a significant export product. The HS code for nuclear reactors and machinery is 8401. According to the latest German export data, the total export value of nuclear reactors and small tools in 2023 was $272.72 billion USD.

3. Electrical Machinery and Equipment: $189.77 billion USD

From household appliances to electronic products, Germany exports a substantial amount of electrical products and systems. The HS code for electrical machinery and equipment is 8501. According to the latest German export data, the total export value of German electrical equipment in 2023 was $189.77 billion USD.

4. Pharmaceutical Products: $119.28 billion USD

Germany produces many pharmaceuticals that attract global attention. The HS code for pharmaceuticals is 3006. In 2023, according to the latest German export data, the export value of German pharmaceutical products reached $119.28 billion USD.

5. Optical, Medical, or Surgical Instruments: $84.09 billion USD

Germany's clinical sector is a major participant in international exports, especially in optics and medical equipment. The HS code for optical, medical, or surgical instruments is 9031. According to Germany's export data, the export value of German optical instruments in 2023 was $84.09 billion USD.

6. Plastics and Articles Thereof: $68.62 billion USD

German-manufactured plastics and rubber products have high demand across various industries. The HS code for plastics and articles thereof is 3926. Germany's export data for 2023 shows that the total export value of plastics and related products was $68.62 billion USD.

7. Iron and Steel Products: $36.16 billion USD

Germany is a major exporter of metals, including steel and iron. The HS code for steel and iron products is 7326. In 2023, the overall export value of this commodity was $36.16 billion USD.

8. Miscellaneous Chemical Products: $36.13 billion USD

Germany is highly regarded for its diverse and impressive chemical products. The HS code for miscellaneous chemical products is 3801. The country has strong manufacturing enterprises producing a variety of miscellaneous chemical products. In 2023, the export value of miscellaneous chemicals from Germany was $36.13 billion USD.

9. Other Unspecified Commodities: $35.66 billion USD

From specialized equipment and gadgets to revolutionary technologies, Germany's unspecified commodities form the cornerstone of the global market. The export value for unspecified commodities in 2023 reached $35.66 billion USD.

10. Aircraft, Spacecraft, and Parts Thereof: $34.19 billion USD

Germany is renowned for its precision engineering and has long been at the forefront of aviation and aerospace. The HS code for aircraft and spacecraft is 8802. In 2023, Germany's normal export value for aircraft and spacecraft was $34.19 billion USD.

Once You Have Identified the German Products You Want to Import, How Do You Find Suitable German Exporters?

1. Trade Directories: Browse trade directories that list various German businesses and exporters' contact information. By directly searching for the product name, you can find potential partners through these directories.

2. Online Trade Platforms: Utilize online trade platforms such as B2B platforms, Alibaba International, etc., to find German exporters. These platforms provide a convenient way for you to search, filter, and contact potential suppliers.

3. Customs Data Platforms: When you are still in the early stages of market development, solely using business directories and online trade platforms to find German exporters may not be wise. That means the company only produces the products you need, and you don't know anything about the company's reputation, product quality, product prices, the company's annual production of the product, the company's past buyers, which country the company tends to cooperate with, etc. In that case, the customs data platform is a good helper. It can not only help you with customer background checks but also provide more specific and comprehensive German export data, allowing you to master German exporter information with customs data as a reference. Additionally, apart from the company's publicly available contact information, customs data companies also provide unpublished contact information for company executives, allowing you to directly communicate with leaders in the marketing department and gain direct access to core information.

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