Moldova Increase in Apple Exports to the European Union and Central Asia

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ten data blog10-04-2024

In March 2023, Moldova experienced a rapid increase in apple exports to the European Union and Central Asia.

By March 2024, Moldova's apple exports reached nearly 22,000 tons, valued at $13.6 million. This marks a significant increase from February's 16,300 tons ($10.1 million) and January's 14,100 tons ($7.9 million).

In March 2023, apple exports totaled 19,400 tons, valued at $11.7 million, compared to 11,400 tons valued at $5.1 million in March 2022.

Last month, Moldova's apple exports to Russia and Belarus amounted to 12,400 tons and 2,400 tons, respectively. Notably, exports to Romania in March 2024 more than doubled compared to the previous month, reaching 3,600 tons.

Moldova has also expanded its apple exports to Central Asian countries, with exports exceeding 1,000 tons to Kyrgyzstan, 813 tons to Kazakhstan, and 140 tons to Uzbekistan. This significant increase suggests that Moldovan apples may be filling the gap left by Iranian apples in these markets.

It is worth noting that Moldova's apple exports to Middle Eastern countries slightly decreased in March. Saudi Arabia is a typical example, with monthly shipments in March 2024 falling below 1,000 tons for the first time.

If the export momentum continues in the next two to three months, it is expected that these stocks will be distributed entirely in domestic and foreign fresh markets, with a small amount used for industrial processing.

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