She Received 5 Inquiries in 28 Days, How Did She Do It?

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export import business,import business,tendata news,ten data,tengdao,tendta,Itrader,itrader login,shanghai ten,t-radar06-06-2023

Many foreign trade enterprises may be in those unreliable ex wasted time, miss the peak season missed business opportunities, by competitors left behind. However, a young female entrepreneur received 5 inquiries and 1 order in 28 days after experiencing an unreliable ex! Entrepreneurs can learn from her experience, in foreign trade to develop customers to avoid unreliable predecessors, break the set!

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Shanghai Runhao Building Materials Co., Ltd (Runhao Building Materials for short) is mainly engaged in the export of architectural glass as well as ancillary products of architectural glass to the global market.

01. Experienced Unreliable Predecessor, the Boss to Achieve Sales No.1, but Also Can Not Reverse the Decline

Before cooperating with Tendata, Runhao Building Materials faced the problem of passive customer development, and the result was very unsatisfactory! Before that, they also used other companies' data, but there was no effect, and asked the main reason, because the predecessor provided a single customs data, their company used a period of time without effect, they did not insist on using!

Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, their company is facing a reduction in foreign trade orders, back orders and so on, bringing great difficulties, in order to reverse the trend, Hanny even personally do sales to talk about a single, despite the performance of the company's sales NO.1, but still can not stop the decline in performance ...... So she urgently needs to develop new customers to bring orders for the company!

After comparing many big data platform companies, she finally chose Tendata because our staff gave her a background demonstration and she felt that Tendata was more comprehensive compared to other companies, with 198 countries of commercial data + 141 countries of cloud search data to make up for the lack of customs data!

Besides, Tendata CloudMail provides beautiful internationalized standard email templates, which can help them improve their corporate brand image and increase the efficiency of their staff! So in she did not hesitate to choose Tendata and signed up in April 2020!

02. Meet the Giant Reliable Incumbent, Received 5 Inquiries and 1 Order in 28 Days

Her unreliable predecessor left a shadow on Hanny, and when she first found Tendata, she had the attitude of giving it a try, so although she signed the contract in April, she really started to use Tendata's platform to develop customers in June!

Tendata here wants to tell you foreign trade people, customs data &ne; foreign trade data, customs data alone to develop customers is far from enough! Just like Run Hao building materials company, although the previous purchase of national customs data, but after using a period of time, feel nothing useful, lose confidence!

Customs data query is only the global customs public trade transaction data, is the customs statistics bill of lading class data, and Tendata company said foreign trade big data, has been much more than a single customs data.

Tendata foreign trade data, with 88 countries of customs data, 198 countries of business data, 172 countries of Internet data, 120 million in-depth enterprise data, 10 billion trade data rolling every day, can quickly and intelligently filter out 121 million executives, decision makers contact information, including email, phone, social media, etc., but also synchronized display company yellow pages, product images and Web sites.

It also provides 17 visualization reports to help foreign trade enterprises accurately locate and analyze the market, allowing you to quickly find the precise buyers and suppliers you need!

So the personnel of Runhao Building Materials used the Tendata foreign trade platform and received inquiries from customers in Egypt, Poland, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates in just 28 days, while sending samples, of which the Polish customer had already placed an order! At that time, Hanny said to our staff in disbelief: I was hoping to use the product for a year and a half to see the effect, but I didn't expect that the order was made so quickly!

In the interview, Hanny also said, 2020 is a very special year, because the epidemic everyone's foreign trade exports are certainly affected to varying degrees, but this does not mean that our market is stagnant, I hope that we can better take the initiative to develop more customers through the Tendata platform!

The experience of Runhao building materials shows that foreign trade industry is like falling in love, failure is not terrible, what is terrible is not meeting the right person. Companies choose a good foreign trade platform, just like falling in love with a good person, not only do not have to waste their time, and will make themselves better.

Finally, to borrow a phrase from Hanny, looking for business opportunities in the crisis. I wish you all better results in the second half of 2020!

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