• Data Application Platform

    We focus on data collection, mining, integration and application services in the field of international trade,based on big data + AI technology,we offer industrial macro analysis,global business planning,marketing,customer relationship building and other services

  • Overseas Marketing Platform

    Integrating global professionals to offer global companies an online platform for overseas marketing services...Details

  • Consulting service

    We focus on pesticide and pharmaceutical industries to offer industry-related research and analysis reports, business development business registration, along with Global Trade market development tools.Details

Products & Services

Our data products and services are dedicated to helping Global Trade companies to deeply understand the international trade market, promptly pushing data such as customers, products, competitors, buyers, etc., and providing customer invitations, customer management and other services to create value.

  • iTrader

    Based on trade data, online data and business data,we offer real-time monitoring of trade trends, smart search of active customers,contact information of decision and precise delivery of development emails
  • Overseas Trade Facilitation Service

    Through IWORKU,a global human resources platform, we offer overseas localization marketing solutions for Global Trade enterprises
  • Industry Big Data Analysis Platform

    Provide local governments and local industrial parks with a visual analysis of the economy in the region. Also promote trade and economic development in the “One Belt, One Road” countries by helping local enterprises to expand trade towards these countries.

Marketing Solutions

Based on big data, we provide Global Trade companies with overall solution for overseas marketing that includes industry consulting, offline promotion and other extended services. Our program helps you to solve trade problems.

  • Market Analysis

    With over 10 billion trade data analysis records to help you understand the target market and have a complete picture of their Global Trade

    In-depth Research

    Our worldwide leading business database covers companies'information, financial affairs, management, latest news and also offline research.

    Customer Development

    Our data covers trade transactions of 63 countries, online data of 141 countries and 130 million buyers to promote customer development

    Appointment Setting

    Our 50,000 overseas local customer service team can overcome the language and culture barriers to directly send out meeting invitations for business negotiation

    Business Monitoring

    we intelligently push messages on buyers, customers, and competitors

    Data Security

    Through our customer management system, we establish an account system to prevent any customer loss provoked by staff turnover


  • 30,000+ Enterprises

    Tendata helped over 30,000 Global Trade enterprises to expand their market overseas

  • Growth of Enterprise Orders

    Tendata has brought more than half customers about 20% of order growth for Global Trade.

  • Trade Increase

    Tendata has brought about an increase of about 23.4 billion for Global Trade.


  • Customer Video for a 200,000 US Dollars Order

    This is a home decoration company, which used Tendata data to analyze and filter the user's background, and helped Qingdao enterprises and Venezuelan customers to meet, and finally won a large order of 200,000 dollars!

  • Tendata P2P Overseas Exclusive Edition

    We will provide P2P services for 5 precision Vietnamese customers to invite and negotiate, so that you can spend the least time and lead to the most efficient order negotiation!